We are a small artisan cider maker near Bruton, Somerset, UK with a rapidly increasing band of loyal followers who appreciate well-crafted great ciders and apple juices – all made from natural, local ingredients

In 2019, we won Supreme Champion British Cider at the British Cider Championships, beating 450 other British ciders. That year, every cider we made went on to win a prize in other competitions

Bringing life to Somerset’s forgotten orchards

We make 2 main ciders, our Premium and Festival ranges
We also make a selection of single variety ciders and a couple of different blends of apple juice

Some of our favourite comments:

"An amazing selection of well-crafted ciders"

David from Hampshire

"The epitome of a dry Somerset cider"

Judge at the British Cider Championships talking about the premium dry in 2019

"Apple Alchemy, local apples lovingly turned into prize winning liquid gold
That's Southdown Cider
And it's in my village!’"

DM, Shepton Montague

"The apple juice is really ‘appley’"

Customer at the Montague Inn


We can be contacted by email or by phone. Please leave a message if it is not answered, we may be out of range, out of power, or out in the garden with some cider…..

07796 987 281

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